Your thoughts on men in general marrying and seeking out eastern/eastern cultured/influenced women for marriage?

the demand for feminine eastern women is still very high and increasing.

feminism and finacial issues in the US, Canada and scandinavian countries are driving men to stay single or seek out the loyal, humble, warm. feminine, selfless, non querelsome women. even if it means marrying someone of different ethnicity and race.

Asian couples have the lowest divorce rates and white women file for divorce more than any others with blondes topping the list over brunettes.

people are miserable in all areas of lie it seems these days more than we had all these technological advancements.


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  • I don't think it's that big of a deal. Marry/date whomever you please


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  • I'm all for it. Life's too short to marry a feminist from the the west.


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  • Sounds fair. Shibari?

  • why would I want to marry Eastern? Language barrier would make the marriage... lifeless

    • there are American or Canadians who are of eaastern origins. they have the best balance of everything in my opinion