I need a laugh... Do you have a "Bridezilla" story to share?

This is the second time I've stuck my neck (and wallet!) out for a bride who changed her mind at the last moment, leaving me stuck with the ownership of something I would never have bought, otherwise. First time, it was thousands of silk flowers; Last time, it was an ugly dress. Tell me your "Bridezilla" story to cheer me up.


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  • Are you a Guy? You're looking pretty pink from here.
    Or , am I incorrectly stereotyping?

    • No, I'm a gal. I have been asked to help plan a private ceremony wedding for a friend, where I was to be a witness. My boyfriend was going to officiate. The details were ironed out, and I bought a dress she liked, in a style and color I hate, and it was a "final sale". Now, I'm stuck with a dress I would never wear in my right mind, and she just decided to have the ceremony at home, with no guests, and they hired a minister. Now, she wants me to decorate her home for the wedding I'm no longer invited to. Hmph. 😕

    • Doesn't the magnitude of how inconsiderate folks can be, shock you occasionally?
      I'm sorry all of this is happening with an event that should especially be free of such frustrations.
      Do you still have the price tag to the dress? Use the dress for some of the decorations, with the tag... oops, guess you didn't notice it was still attached to the shredded ribbon of material festooning the alter! Or use it for streamers attached to the couples car? Before doing so, take a picture of yourself in it. If your "friend" has the ceremony photographed, slip a bribe to the photographer for a copy of an appropriate picture you can Photoshop that image into. Frame it and place with your other photos on display in your home. When (if) she visits and notices it, the subtlety of such a gesture would be the equivalent of a polite, understated... swift kick in the Ass!
      This may sound petty or crass, but I sympathize with you situation! It makes me feel... kind of Devilish!

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  • My friends husband was still hungover on the day of the wedding. He got his friend to drive him to the church. As he entered into the church he realised he didn't recognise his relatives... he directed his friend to the wrong church. 😂😂.