Wait What? You want to... Plan a wedding?

So here's the sitch: my boyfriend of 6 months recently asked if I wanted to get married. No no not like a proposal or anything just an out of the blue "After we turn 18 do you wanna get married?" So of course I'm like yeah! So then he goes into this big speech on "his perfect wedding" with a poofy wight dress, huge ceremony, and sumptious wedding cake. And it's not quite like how I pictured... (I want a pokemon themed wedding tbh)... Question is: What do I do?


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  • Don't worry Pikachu 😁 is here...
    Piiiiiikkkaaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuuuu 🌌
    And what you wanna wear that day?


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  • Yeah Pokemon!

    Have you told him? If so then do and maybe you can compromise and mix the two together so you're both happy.

    • i still want to wear a dress and have a cake... I just want a pokecake and a smaller wedding... :'(

    • Then tell him! I'm sure the two of you can compromise!

      Heck, maybe the guy will even propose Pokemon-style. (Like the ring in a pokeball or something. I would die.)

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  • Well tell your boyfriend he can't wear a white dress thats for you


    Anime themed wedding? Your 14 trust me... You won't want that

    • NOT THE ANIME ughh the original gen 1 card game

  • What an idiot. Doesn't know you'll fuck up his mind and resources

    • Ummm? No. He wants to be a stay at home dad, I'm the money maker. ;))

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    • Nah lol that's the kids job

    • ha ha...

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  • Just tell him your ideal wedding and when the time comes compromise. You'll probably grow out of the pokemon theme though

    • PS there is nothing wrong with liking pokemon. Pokemon is the shit you'll just grow out of it eventually

    • My whole family loves pokemon. I was raised on Pokemon. Me and my mom play pokemon together. Trust me when I say "I'm pretty sure this is what I want."

  • You're only 14 love, you guys probably won't even make it that far. And tbh even if you did I highly doubt you would want a Pokemon themed wedding

  • Are you serious? You want a POKEMON themed wedding? Nobody over the age of 9 should be playing pokemon.

    • My whole family plays pokemon

  • Wight?
    If you cannot even spell the word "white", you aren't smart or mature enough to handle marriage.

    • She's not getting married now. Everyone is entitled to fantasize about marriage. Although the lack of ability to spell white is a little sad but that doesn't make her unable to dream.

    • I know how to spell White I'm not four

    • then spell it correctly then lol