I'm pretty sure that my fiance is not loyal to me ! What should I do?


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  • You need to be 100% pretty sure is not good enough. And you need to have tangible proof. The reason is because he can deny deny deny. I believe you but, this is a big accusation and if your wrong you can ruin things. Just make sure, as much as it may kill you find out before you go through with the wedding. Good luck


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  • -Confront him about the issue.

    -Do not get married.

    -Marriage begins with honesty not deception.

    What proof do you have of him being disloyal?
    Is this pure accusation or do you have solid proof?
    If you have solid proof present that to him.

    It's one thing for someone to cheat.
    It's another to keep hiding the secret... and only confess because you were caught.

    Someone that confesses only when caught... how could I ever regain trust for that person again? They have not even the slightest feeling of guilt.
    You have to decide whether you want to continue this relationship with your fiancé or not (whether he admits to it or not).

    If he says he has not cheated on you.
    You must ask yourself, "Why do you not trust him?"
    A relationship cannot exist without trust.

    • However you answer that question , is how you should move forward.
      -Do you not trust him because you feel you don't deserve to be happy?
      -Do you not trust him because all of your past partners have cheated?

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  • VERIFY! Try checking his text and phone logs... and be prepared for the possibility of MORE surprises. This advice goes to MEN who suspect their fiance of cheating.

  • Break up with him


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  • Don't marry someone you don't trust.

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