Why people get married?

I was thinking why people get divorced but since the first reason of divorce is marriage then why people get married?
( that's not anti marriage question ) like what would be the reason u get married for example


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  • Most people who divorce do not go into the marriage with the intention of staying together forever. They think - I will marry you but only if you are between this weight and that weight, if your health parameters meet my basic requirements, as long as your income stays in this range, as long as your family stays this distance from us, as long as your parenting involvement remains in this level, as long as your education contains up to this point etc...

    They go into the marriage thinking its a conditional arrangement and they go in with the intention of leaving if things don't work out according to plan.


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  • Being married means that

    - should my wife become sick, I can give medical directions on her behalf. She can do the same for me.
    - if she were to die, I would inherit our family home without paying an inheritance tax (she own the home prior to marrying me)
    - i have the right to receive her body and observe her burial requests
    - she is elegible to be on my employers health insurance plan.
    - we pay federal income taxes at a lower effective rate
    - marriage gave me the authority to represent myself as the step-father of my wife's daughters She receive the same authority to represent herself as my child's step mom.
    - she is elegible to be the beneficiary of my life insurance
    - we may be jointly considered for credit application
    - we automatically inherit each others worldly possessions without the necessity of probate court

    When I way in the military, there were many benefits that only accrued to married people.

    - basic allowance for housing (single men lived on board the ship)
    - family separation allowance (paid while deployed)
    - CHAMPUS (dependant health insurance)
    - access to the ombudsman program (best source of info on ships schedule)
    - access to base facilities including the exchange and the subsidized commissary
    - access to base housing
    - the right to be relocated to overseas duty station with military member

    It goes on and on this way. Marriage is woven into everything. The main intent is not so much that you change your status toward each other but rather you change your status before the state.


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  • People get married because they find their soulmate or they find someone you know you can tolerate and love with all they have in them for the rest of your lives and they don't want to know what life without that person is like now that they found that one person that completes them. They know what life without that person would be like and it turns out that life with them is way better, so marriage bonds them two together for the rest of their lives.
    Divorces happens because peoples are not always the same as when you first met them. People change over time and people change people. Some people change for the worse and some people change for the better and divorces happen because when people change for the worse the other person in the marriage is like this is not who I married what the fuck happened from point A to point B.

  • They fall in love with someone commit to them and then half the time they get divorced. I don't understand the point of marriage... It's a waste in my opinion

  • Religion, company, and kinda common thing here.

  • You don't wanna get married?


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  • Your statement doesn't make sense...
    "... the first reason of divorce is marriage"

    People do not get divorced because they got married. That is not a cause and effect. That's like saying "people get into car accidents because they got into a car".
    While yes, one action must precede another, getting into a car... is not the cause of the accident, nor is getting married the reason for the divorce.

    Nobody gets married with the intention of getting divorced. People who get married fully intend to follow through on their vows when they make them on the wedding day. However, just as everyone has had fights and breakup with friends, so too does this happen with a spouse.

    • Have u seen a non married man get divorced? Nope 😂😂😂😂 it's more of a joke actually

  • There is a time for everything. Marriage is an institution that lets the family system and your generations to move along. This is what your parents want. God has put this natural instinct in US for man and women to be together. But he wants that to happen within morality. That is why the institution of marriage was prescribed. That is also why in older tradition parents used to get the children get married earlier in life. However the growing pressures of supporting a family have changed many things.

    Of course, this is for a select audience to appreciate. Not for majority GAGers.

    • U r talking about sex in the " morality " part
      Marriage is something higher than just sex , but people nowdays get divorced a lot and that's a problem