Need advice, Dating older men+being marred at 18?

So I am kinda just curious about this but I have been pretty serious about my boyfriend. The thing that is a little different between us is our age difference. He is 25 im 18. He lives in California an im in Arizona so its not too much of a long distace relationship e sees me on weekends from time to time. Now I am very very used to dating men that are in thier 20s.. I have always dated guys that were older than me. My limit would be his age normally. My first question is *do guys normally think about being married and having children more than other guys or is it just depending on the guy? He has told me numourus of times tht he wants to get married to me and live with me. I eould evenrtually do this but not for a couole of years to make sure its a good choice. Whats your opinion on being married between the ages 18-20? Do you think younger marriages would work out?


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  • I advise against marrying at your age.
    I advise *even more* against having kids at your age.

  • It's a really bad idea to get married at 18. Don't do it.


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