What age do you honestly think is Deadline or 'Point-of-No Return' for those that want to be single forever or single for life to change their minds?

This was meant for those that are chronically single if they ever had any second thoughts, uncertainties or doubts. Some people are 100% certain and will absolutely never change their minds regardless of anything or any other situations, so they don't have to worry about this.

I think the answer could be different for so many people due to so many different factors and circumstances.

I think it could be vary, since I heard women and girls either marry younger or it becomes much much harder later, and men still have chances to turn things around in their 40s throughout their 50s that is if they still want to that is? Then there is the whole "biological clock" blah blah thing, but I think they don't have to worry about it with modern technology like artificial insemination from sperm donors, blah blah.

Do you think by a person's age in the 50s, 60s or 70s, they would be pretty much at the "Point (s)-of-No Return" if they had been chronically single? Even if they change their mind by those age ranges? Would it probably too late by then? Would it be by then because it would become very very difficult at that point in their lives that there is almost no point of trying? Unless maybe they somehow became really stable financially or really wealthy?

Also, if so, then what age is the Point of "Safe" Return for them to actually do something about it and start changing themselves so they would even have any chance or hope of having relationships, and/or marry somebody and a family of their own (with children or not)?

I think it would also vary differently because of life expectancy. But how often do people date, have relationships or marry by the time they are in their late 60s, 70s, or 80s?

I figure most humans are not even going to come close to making to their 80s and 90s, and even much less ever make it to 100s and beyond, and by then it's obviously much too late to even try to change things around if they were unsure or had any second doubts about being single for life.<b


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  • A person who is young would get marry or have a partner. But a person who is in their 60s and older of old age would very much be single

    • So far that adds up, I've asked before and somebody also said in the 60s.

      I wished more people had even tried to answer this, assuming if they will ever known. I guess if somebody's single and wasn't certain about it and they want to take action somewhere 15-20 years before they hit their 60s maybe by their early 40s could be that point and time in their lives that could be a "Point-of-Safe Return" if they even want to change their minds or that they have the will to make the effort to change, and that is just assuming that they even can at that point.

      Obviously for the older single ladies, the more difficult it will be when compared to men in their 50s and 60s. But they never know, as some say late or very late is better than never, no guarantees.

      I suppose I need to look at statistics or research it somehow myself to see how often marriages occur in peoples 50s, 60s and beyond and how often those marriages are successful and last until a spouse expires and dies from aging.

    • It depends on the people

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  • I just had a revelation about this nit even 5 minutes ago looking at photos of a friend's newborn son.

    You're asling 2 questions for there is a large difference between point of no return when it comes to simply being married or being married and starting a family.
    I'd say there's really no expiration date for someone to say ok I guess I'll give being married a shot. You can be on you death bed and get married. The real question is once you've been single for so long, do you really want to go through the headache of being married. More on that later.
    As for the married and starting a family option that has a definite point of no return. Even for men; you can be 80 years old and father a child but let's be honest, you know you're not going to be around for long or be physically able to really help raise the child.
    This cut off I'd say is about 37 for women, maybe another 5-10 years for men. Even with modern medicine, pregnancy after 35 years old is high risk which is a very serious thing to consider. But even more so, do you really want to be at retirement age (65) when your kids are starting college? Especially with how much college costs.

    I don't think there are many people that end up regretting the single or no-family lifestyle. I'm 27. I've never been in a relationship. For a small amount of time I felt like I'm missing something in life because of that but after looking at the photos of that baby today all I can think is thank god my life is what it is. The whole relationship and kids thing just isn't for me. I don't have the desire to be tied down to another being for a long period of time. I'd rather keep them fluid because I like picking up my life and completely changing it in a moments notice. For instance 2 weeks ago I decided I want to move to a certain city. By this Sunday I applied to and was offered a job there and signed a lease for a new home which I am moving into this Sunday. To me it isn't worth it to give up such options for relationship or a child. Thus the "point of no return" has already been hit by me.

    • Financial obligations is always going to be a big problem affecting life decisions, I really am Not surprised at all on this.

      Unless you are already adequately stable or wealthy or somehow even became wealthy, it always gonna be really hard to raise a family and then there's all the shit you gotta buy to maintain it. Kids are going to drive their parents nuts if they want this and want that. Especially if they are in their teens and may become rebellious and not listen to you if you don't give them this thing or that thing they want.

      I think if there are any regrets for those that ended up single for life or forever are moreso for loneliness, well probably, assuming they had no friends left or pets to keep them company.

      But I've looked into this and marriage and relationships does not guarantee those feelings would be eliminated. It's more than just about being physically together, but emotional connections, being able to clearly understand each other and trust each other, etc.

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    • Actually I think it's moreso because they are worried about "dying alone", but I hate to break it to those that think just cause they are already married that they would not or don't have to worry about dying alone.

      Reality is however much different. One person is often going to die BEFORE the other, thus leaving the other person behind with sorrow and grief, etc. So, unless somehow both spouses or a couple died at the same time.

      And what can we do about this? Nothing. Other than to be aware of it and either try to not think too much or overthink about it, because it's inevitable and unavoidable. But if nobody's aware of it, I sure hope they read this and realized it.

      Well I guess that could be the real reason why there is always life insurance? Someone just have to be left behind to collect that shit or the government gets all their assets and properties after they die.

    • Well first of all life insurance is completely separate from ones estate, it doesn't go through probate and does not have taxes attached to it if it goes to a person. (It does if it goes to a trust or is otherwise not properly set-up)
      But you're right. Anyone getting married so that they are not alone shouldn't be getting married. Simple as that.

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