Should I go and try to talk with her face to face?

Hey every one,

I am 26 and a month ago my girlfriend of a year and 3 months decided to break up with me on the phone, she lives in the states and I live in Europe, I've been there a few times and stayed with her for 3 months every time and she come over once and stayed with me for a few months anyway I and her where so in love everything was perfect and we never really argued about anything apart from the normal stuff which in a few minutes after we where back to how we where.

So I was there this last December and we talked about our future and plans to get married and was going to propose when she was planning to come this February,but come December 24 she became cold and not the person I knew and said she didn't feel the same way as before and said that I should move on...I loved her and still do with everything I got and she is truly my soul mate I I'm truly shocked and hurt how anyone could just change like that... So I was thinking its been over a month and was thinking of going to see her in the states and try talking to her cause I know things are always different when you have to look into someones eyes and tell them. at the moment she's not working and living with family and she's plays second life (which is a virtual game ) and I know she has someone in that game that she is said completely in love with but how is that possible to disconnect with someone in real for someone virtual for no good reason or other then it to make me feel something or she want me to move there quicker then I had I'm thinking of going to see her and try to save our relationship that was just about perfect.

I'm hurting bad and I'm still in shock and confused on what to do...please if anyone has any input it would be very appreciated

more info on this she had her head on straight she knew what she wanted in life she worked hard but everything changed she lost her,job,apartment and she's also dealing with anxiety I'm giving her space and time..its just extremely hard


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  • Distance is hard, and it does nothing but try to drive people apart. If it's really mean to be though, it won't and it'll make you guys closer and stronger. However, that doesn't seem to be the direction she took.


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