Engaged but thinking about my ex?

Since I got engaged I realize that I have been thinking about my ex boyfriend a lot more . They are just random thoughts. I don't want him back in my life at all, but sometimes I feel bad that things ended the way they did. I know for a fact that we would not have made things work, and if I did stay with him I would be miserable. But why do I think of him? Partly I feel that this might be is because my fiance lives right near my ex. Every time I pass a certain street my ex pops into my head. A part of me wants to see him just to show him that I am well off without him, but at the same time I never want to see him again. We went through something really horrible together that broke us apart. And just until I met my fiance, my ex would always call me out of nowhere to try to hang out with me. Even on my b day last year he tried to contact my brother through MySpace to ask him how I was doing.

Why do you think I still think about him? I don't love him and I honestly can't believe that I ever was with him. Sometimes I hate his guts, but other times I'll feel sorry for him. Since we broke up he has only gone downhill even more. I tried to help him as a friend, but that obviously did not work. Also, I find myself in trouble every time he comes back into my life.But what are these thoughts really about?


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  • I can't believe every minute with him was bad? You think of him because of the familiarity to the area you go to see your new-guy, your brain draws from the past to understand your immediate emotions, be it stress, anxiety, pain or even pleasure.

    You say you sometimes hate his guts and at times you feel sorry for him, this is an emotion you remember due to a situation you was once in, but also ask your self why are you with your new guy. (there's no wrong answer)

    Mother Teresa once said, " To end an emotional attachment and forget about them, you will have to stop hating them", and only then you can continue with your own life..


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  • Maybe you care about him so you just think about him. It's totally normal