If you saw a guy that you were interested in, what signals would you show him?

The question explains itself.

How would you girls show interest in a guy through signals, and what would the things you would say to him? assuming that you're both somewhere around 17-24 years old.


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  • smile a lot, a lot of flirty eye contact, or eye contact when we talk in general. touching on the arm or shoulder, messing up the hair, and for some reason which I really don't mean to on purpose since I know it makes me seem dumb, but I get pretty ditsy.

    i used to be really shy when I was younger but I'm mostly over that, unless it's a huge group of people I don't know very well and there is no alcohol involved.. so I would be talkative, but not too much, never anything serious. I make a point of not agreeing with everything the person says. I hate when girls seem to think that if they agree with everything and find everything funny, the guy would like them more. I don't want to pretend to like something so I can be liked :S especially if it's a lot of dirty jokes or stuff that hits me on a personal level, in which case I just don't show interest anymore and steer the conversation elsewhere. but that's really beside the point.

    overall, I think it depends on the girl, the guy, and the situation. sadly, there never is a clear-cut formula for everything.

    but I'd say, unless she's really shy, eye contact, lots of smiling, and some physical contact are the most general ways. none of that "playing with her hair thing". if I'm around someone I like, the last thing I wanna do is mess up my hair.

    sometimes I bite my lip?

    a lot of girls get overly sarcastic and jokey because they want to engage the person more personally, however, when I do that, I don't think it comes off as very nice... also, it might not work at all because I've been told that unless you know me well, you can't even tell I'm being sarcastic :S whiiiiich, I don't even understand. I sound sarcastic in my head... haha

  • Well I would smile a lot more than I would smile with my friends...and giggle to like 80% of the things you say lol..and sometimes I'm not as shy so I would ask you to see a movie with me...but each girls are different, you have to read her body language...Interested girls will give you pleasant smiles and conversations..The ones that aren't interested will just flash you a quick smile (almost sarcastically) and look away, not engaging to your conversation (if you see this, ditch her)

    Good luck =)


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