How to get marriage in India with India girl?

I m foreigner for India. But I asked broker theydont accept to make india girl to marry foreigner. But i like traditional girl. Maybe i can live in India with her. Ecnomic is not a problem. But how to proceed?
Do they like forergner to be husband?


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  • What country are you from? How long have you been in India?

    • I can live here because i want to do busyness here.
      what country? is it mean u d choose country? what country u can accept?

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  • Whichever country you are from why do you want to marry an Indian woman? I don't know but I would not suggest you to get married to an Indian woman, I don't think that's a good idea, don't ask me why, this is a calculation and it's hard to explain.

    However if you have already made up your mind to an Indian woman, then I would at least suggest you to consider getting married to a modern woman, living in big cities, modern women who has good morals and values and comes from a modern, liberal family. At least I would suggest you to consider this option. What do you think about this option. According to me this should be the best, but eventually it's your choice

    Wanting to get married to a old fashioned, tradition Indian woman coming from a traditional family is a very bad idea, it's a very bad option and especially given the fact that you are a foreigner. That's all I can say. I am saying all this because I know about Indian culture and they people think in India and especially old fashioned, traditional.

    Hence unless you have a liking, some attraction for traditional Indian families, traditional Indian women, then it's a different thing, if not I would not suggest you to take up this option to wanting to get married to an traditional Indian woman. It will become difficult for you proceed, you may have to encounter more obstacles, hurdles in your path.

    The final decision is yours.

    • yes that is defficult, but i want to know why defficult.

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  • NRI Girls would love to marry a foreigner.

    • NRI girls are not traditional.

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    • Bangladesh is not very different from India. Asian and Middle Eastern guys won't need to 'look' for traditional wives. I am sensing America or Europe.

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