Is this statement true?

"Dude I would never marry before 30, (he married young and divorced) marry when your like almost 40 and marry a 30 (woman) year old. Then they are more eager to Settle down have kids marry and not f*%k a around on you"
-words from a co-worker


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  • There's no way to avoid getting hurt.
    No matter what age you decide to enter into a serious commitment or marriage , there's always a risk of getting cheated on , lied to, or hurt.

    People come up with their own loop holes or ways around it , to sound like their experts on the subject. They claim they know exactly how to stay in the clear, to live "happily ever after".
    The reality of it is , cheaters or liars come in any age.
    There is no avoiding that.
    There's always a chance you take when you give your trust to someone

    Waiting until you are older doesn't make you invisible to that reality.


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  • I don't think so.


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  • LOL! You need to make sure both parties want the same things in life before you get married. Love doesn't hold a marriage together, hard work does. If you have a partner that isn't willing to work with you (which can happen when you marry too young and the idea of marriage is romanticised), then the marriage won't work out.

    Also, it's never a good idea to put a timeline on when to get married, because if you say to yourself, "I need to be married before I'm 30", then you might convince yourself that the person that you're with when you're 29 is the one. Avoid that mental trap!


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