Married people: if you DID wait until marriage to have sex, was incompatibility or bad sex a deal killer for anyone out there?

I hear a lot of people who don't wait list that as their reason for not waiting. But I have never heard a newlywed say that they wish they hadn't waited, because they turned out to be incompatible in the bedroom. Does it happen?


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  • I was married to a virgin and when the marriage failed a few years later I swore I would never marry a virgin again. I respected her wishes to remain a virgin until we were wed, we did have some sexual events like playing with her breasts and nipples and she would masturbate me frequently just to keep things interesting but not penetration of her vagina by fingers or penis.

    Our wedding night wasn't as exciting as we had hoped for because she did not know what to expect of what it would feel like when I pushed inside her. I was very gentle and patient but for months afterward we were still having problems with intercourse. I resorted to oral sex, masturbating her, some anal play with my fingers and intercourse was still a problem.

    So, it is up to you what you wish to do. You may not experience the same problems that we did, but I'll take an experienced girl in sex over a virgin for myself.


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  • Incompatibility is rarely something that couldn't be overcome, it's something that at least one party isn't interested in overcoming.

    It's not skills.

    It's lack of compatibility in the type of sex, the frequency, the acts themselves.

    A significant minority of marriages are near sexless. There are more asexuals floating around then you may realize. And plenty of them advocate 'waiting till marriage' figuring it will be different, or not realizing it's easy for them to wait because they don't have the same level of urges others do.

  • Not interested in marriage or any of that shit...


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  • I was a virgin and in a relationship. I finally decided I wanted to have sex before he proposed thank god we did because it sucked!!! I have had sex with someone else now and god my ex and I were not compatible I'm Soo sooo glad I had sex before I vowed to spend forever with that person!