Engaged at sixteen?

I don't know what to say to her but my best friend is getting engaged, she's a sophomore, like me! her parents and his parents are all for it, THEY HAVE ONLY BEEN DATING 3 MONTHS and they say their in love! before her he slept around with a whole bunch of girls, but they haven't done anything yet. and she just moved out here so they are states away from each other. I just don't know what to tell her, she gets upset if anyone gets involved, or voices their opinion. the other day she got mad at me cause she said that she wanted to prove to everyone that doubts her and his love, that it could last and I told her if she feels like she has to prove people wrong that means she currently believes them or is doubting her relationship herself. now she won't talk to me. oh and two more things her boyfriend constantly picks weed over her, but she's always forgiving him. and they are picking out names for their children! ah please I don't even know how to approach this situation as her friend

oh and next month she's going to lose her virginity to him, he's flying down here and everything, she's making a huge mistake, and she's soo blind about it all. I'm so stuck I can't just let it happen, I know I might have to though


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  • I wouldn't be concerned about the age thing but if he is doing that much weed at any age she should really think about the engagement some more.

  • It won't last. Does she know about his past?

    • Yea she overlooks it all and says he was just trying to find the right girl and now he has. I know it won't last, that's like a fact. 9he even forgot their anniversary) its so ridiculous. I just don't know how to talk to her about it, or most importantly of all how to help her when they break up.

      hes the one who started picking out names, I think he's playin a game, why would a guy do that? she's the sweetest, nicest girl

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