Should I leave?

I have been introduced to a man through mutual friends. He is honestly one of the hottest and nicest guys I have met and has been very honest with me about everything. I am a virgin and plan on staying so until I get married. There's one major problem I have with him and it's the fact that he has a lot of women he has casual sex with. He claims that he has an uncontrollable urge for sex and will only stick to one woman once he's married. Is that possible or is he just playing me?


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  • Just ditch him and move on. Take no chances with him. You can't control him from his uncontrollable urges. What kind of guarantee can he give you from simply claiming once he's settled down with you that he will stay committed to you Only and never ever sleep with any other women for the rest of his life? Very few people in this world actually makes promises and guarantees delivery of them.


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  • I wouldn't believe him.

    He likes variety.
    You'd be setting yourself up for destruction.

    It's like me meeting someone who drinks all day everyday.
    They claim they have a huge desire to do so.
    Then they say they can suddenly stop.
    (Those last two lines never go well together)
    Usually people that say they can easily stop, can't.
    People that have a problem tend to cushion it.
    He may have infidelity issues or sex addiction.
    You would be walking into a relationship that would be doomed for failure.
    You'd never be able to satisfy him because he'd want more and more.

    • You must understand , someone that likes sex is different from someone who is powerless to it.
      The fact that he says , he has a urge that he can't control shows he has a problem.

    • What you're saying makes sense. He loosely jokes about being a sex addict but I'm starting to think it may not be a joke. The only thing I don't understand is that he's been honest with me about everything so would he lie about this sex issue?

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  • It seems he's playing u
    Unless u r okay with multiple partners

  • I'd say he's playing you.

    Actual disorders where people have uncontrollable urges to have sex are EXTREMELY rare. More likely, he's just horny.

  • It's possible. I'm the same way. I love sex just as much as anyone else and have couple friends I casually hook up with until I get into a relationship. That's kinda te point of a relationship and I only hope he is the same


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  • If it's "uncontrollable" now what about marriage will change that? It sounds like he's either a liar or some kind of problem he isn't getting treated. I wouldn't trust him at all honestly.