Girls, why is my wife jealous?

I go to dinner and movies and play online video games with my best friend ( a female). She helped me a lot in my life and helped me meet my wife. I helped her meet her husband too. Why is my wife against my outings with her and doing things like gym and video games? We are just friends!

I invite my wife to join us, but she refuses to.

I hugged my bff in front of her and my wife slapped me. I dropped my bff home at 4am after a night at the bar and her husband yelled at both of us, especially when my bff hugged me.

We sneak out to see each other and text/hang out with each other behind our spouses' backs.

we have no kids and neither does my bff


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  • I was with you until the last line.

    You disrespecting your wife by sneaking out to see this other woman.
    I get that you're just friends.
    But when you feel the need to "hide" your actions that always looks suspicious.

    If you're going to see your friend , then see her.
    Don't hide or lie about it.
    It leads your wife to think , what else is he lying about?

    You make your friendship with this girl seem strictly platonic.
    maybe it is.
    Your wife seems like the jealous type.
    The friendship seems to be weighing down your marriage.

    You and your wife have a lot to talk about.
    I believe that people shouldn't have to give up their friends just because they are married.

    Your wife has to gain acceptance with this.
    this may take her time.
    You need to be there for her.
    You need to be understanding of her feelings.
    Maybe she has had experiences where men cheated on her, and she's still battered from that.
    She has to learn to trust you.
    lying and sneaking around however , will allow her to do the opposite of that.

    • I only sneak around since she is very against us hanging out

    • I explained why that's not ok

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  • Why do you have to SNEAK for one? That SOUNDS SUSPECT AF!! But maybe the two of you should include your spouses the next time you hang out. Go on Double dates or something

  • I get it you both are married. However, you should be spending your time with your spouses. That's why they are jealous. You are spending time with the opposite sex instead of with your actual wife. I would be kinda pissed too. You married your wife not your friend. Plus when married and you have a friend of the opposite sex it would probably be better for both couples to double date instead of two of them sneaking around. That makes you look way suspicious.

  • That is a big NO NO lol. I understand that's your best friend but you have to look at it in your wife point of view. Maybe she wants you as her best friend not another woman even tho you known her longer it's just how us woman think and our emotions. There's nothing like that husband and wife bestfriend type feeling. But when you are so tight with another woman that causes problems. My advice you gotta choose between your wife or your friend because you will never hear the end of it

  • Dude. WTF. Hell to the no you would not if you were my husband. Nope do not think so.

    • I would not what?

    • Not saying you're a cheat but isn't that what most women would think of. I'd be careful.

  • Are you trolling? Lol, you posted this more than thrice.

  • She feels jelous because your going out with another girl instead of wanting to take her out on her own. Imagine it being the otherr way around her always with her guy best friend she's hugging him near you instead of hugging you and going out with him and saying for you to come as if your just another friend. It hurts her cause she wants to be the only girl in ur life even if the other girl is just ur friend.

  • I distinctly remember this question before... Are you trolling?

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