What was the total costs for your wedding and honeymoon?

Including everything you can think of that you and/or spouse had to pay for preparing and planning your wedding.


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  • I've added up everything I want. I'm looking at $15k-20k... Not bad


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  • We priced it at £10,000 with only a small close circle of family and friends but my woman's Dad was having none if it as he wanted his friends and relatives at it and when you added all my family and the big fancy hotel it as going to cost £50,000 at least. It was at that stage I called a hault as basically that's too much money for me to come up with and he wasn't going to help and the woman dug her heels in big wedding or no wedding. So now the woman and I live together and have a kid, she and her parents lament that we are not married but my answer is that ship has sailed lol.

    • That's like $15,111.50 for the firsts costs, and that's almost 6-9 months of wages, well for me that is assuming I can save at least 90 percent of everything I had earned.

      And the other one is like about $75,557.50. I doubt I'll ever have that much money saved up in my accounts unless I'm in my 50s or 60s. Even splitting that kind of cost in half is still going to be a lot.

      I guess if I ever want to marry somebody I'm probably going to end up broke or really near-broke as consequences as those are what my expectations are. It's unlikely to ever happen at this point and stage in my life though, still single with many problems and stuff on my mind

    • Well I just said if you both want a traditional wedding then traditionally the father of the bride pays.

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  • I got married in Vegas and he paid for everything same for the honeymoon. So idk?

    • You got real lucky then. Your husband must be totally rich and a really good financial planner or something, either that or he had really good financial planning advice from someone he could trust to be able to spend and cover all of those expenses entirely out of his own pocket.

    • He's a little older so he has had time more time in the workforce to learn and save.

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