What the hell do I do?

I'm exhausted.

I am currently out the country with my one year old visiting my family. I live with my husband in another country, and he stayed behind on this trip due to work.

Well yesterday he messaged me just to let me know that he blew off work to go drink because "he doesn't care about anything anymore." after attempting to call him multiple times, I found out that he was definitely drunk and thinking about his dad that passed away when he was 12 from alcohol abuse. At about 9pm my husband called me talking about "tell son I love him. I'm going to go see my dad. I love you. Goodbye" and hung up.

So I started panicking and calling my mother in law, who luckily got to our house in time and stopped him.

We are flying home Wednesday. I would have just left today but finaces are tight and there just wasn't any money. My mother in law is taking care of him until we're home, but I am so frustrated, upset, and shocked that my husband would do this.

I've known for years that he was angry at his dad for not being around, but I never figured it would lead to a suicide attempt. He's gotten upset before to the point where I did suggest counseling, but he said he would never. I also take SSRI's for depression and he gives me hell saying that they are destroying my body and I won't ever catch him taking pills like that.

I fear that he's going to refuse help. I fear that he might try to attempt it again and my baby and I might be around it. I don't know what to say or how to react when I see him. I'm starting to dread the thought of returning.


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  • Just convince him to get counseling cause it seems like he really needs it

  • You're going to have to try and reason with him. I'm sure his late father would want him to have a long healthy life and not have his son follow in his unfortunate footsteps. Your husband needs help to get through this.