What do you think of these rejected proposals?

Just curious. :p


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  • Well don't just that sucks to be them or what?

    Makes me wonder how they all handled it afterwards though.

    So does that mean they are officially done and will break up sometime after these failed proposals?

    Or maybe they'll have to postpone and decide much much later?

    • I think their relationship is over. Their marriage proposal was rejected. I feel bad for them. I feel kinda scared of proposing marriage. Though one lesson learned, don't propose in a mall or very public place because some women feel humiliated or peer pressure. The place should be romantic as well. :\

    • I think it's best to go with the mentality of "Keep It Simple Stupid".

      But seriously, ALWAYS I mean ALWAYS be prepared and ready and have a backup plan for the rejection, because there are not guarantees.

      Better to figure out how to end it on good terms. I'm pretty sure they can still get their money back by returning that engagement ring to the store they got it from.

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  • Kinda depressing tbh

  • All those bitches should get shot