Why would he do this?

My husband knows I have baby fever, and he says he doesn't want to have a baby until next year, but he keeps bot pulling out. What's the deal? He knows that I'm not on birth control, and knows that I want a baby super bad. Why is he doing this?


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  • because risky sex is hot, and if you both have agreed to have a baby, there really isn't any harm in it.


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  • because he says WAIT UNTIL NEXT YEAR

    • Yea he does want to wait until next year, so why would he be so careless now?

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    • Yeah. Conceive it now, birth it out next year in nine months.

    • I mean, there's really no more months left in this year... so yeah. Do u get it?
      I actually find it a bit humorous of him.

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  • Cause he wants to


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