Playing games???

My friend is starting to do little things like tell me where he is going and what he is going to do. He straightens my clothes and fixes my hair. He gives me compliments on my clothes and seems happy to see and hear from me. That is flirting in my book.

The problem is that he does not call me. He has a very busy schedule, but I have to make the calls. He does not make arrangements to see me, but when we are on the phone as I drive home, he is disappointed if I go past his job without stopping by. If I do stop by it is just for a few minutes, but he does not make any arrangements to see me later on, even if he is just going to go home and chill.

If I stop by to see him, he wants me to do all of the talking. He says that since I stopped by I should do most of the talking. I say that conversations go both ways and it takes two people to engage in one. He does not ask how I am, or what my day was like unless I ask him first. We always speak in the present not the past or future tense.

He is very attracted to me, is it just all for sex? He recently came out of a relationship and I am worried that all he wants me for is sex.


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  • I say forget about him. Apparently he doesn't care for you. He can't even as a simple question of how was your day? I'm kinda in the same situation. I like this guy & he claims he likes me but NEVER calls except for on the weekends. I just blow him off. Guys don't know what a good thing is until its gone.

    • That is what is so confusing, it is like he is flirting with me on one hand, (saying and doing things that he would never have in the past), and being a jerk on the other. I don't want to give up too soon, but I am not going to play this game forever either. I didn't take him to raise.