How should a husband react if he finds out that his wife's ex boyfriend is blackmailing her wid photos, etc n having sex with her many times freely?

Actually the wife lied about her past sexual partners as her husband and her own family both are traditional and the husband was vorgin too and revealing it might cause harm to her family. N the ex took advantage of it. How should the husband deal this tremour of many situations together?


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  • The husband should stand for her and defend her from that bully opportunist ex- boyfriend. Once he realized she has a man that watch for her he will walk away. Whatever happened in her past is old don't allow it to brake your marriage.

    • Thnk you... but is'nt she too is responsible for hurting him n hiding al such facts,?

    • one thing is to be a porn star and another having private photos or video with your significant other. She was not cheating on him, those videos were taken before she met him I don't see the point you have to reveal your entire past to your new partner. If he loves her he should regardless of her past. The problem is that the old boyfriend is taking advantages of her and her noe husband should defend her not judge her!

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  • If he had kids I think he need to understand the situation. If his wife is lying about the ex boyfriend the may be the is more than one of them so he need to think a lot before forgiving her
    in my opinion it is better for virgin guys to find a virgin girl But whatever he think I want to tell him for God sake think about the KIDS involved in the situation, both of you can find new partners but the kids can never have his original parents.

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