Is it possible for a man or woman to live whole life with each other?

What is the mindset of a person before he or she decided to get married
While there is so much hot girls n boys around


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  • I have the mindset that I am no longer lonely, I never have to search for love again, I feel settled, comfortable with the life of just me and my guy.


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  • The first time around or first marriages? Those are the Least likely to ever happen, very very rare.

    And more often than not sometimes people change and they change how they feel and think about each other over time.

    Technically no one could exactly live an entire life together since more often than one partner will die before the other leaving the other one behind. Maybe 1 whole life together but rarely ever both since very rarely both spouses will die from old age or similar natural causes at the same time.


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  • I'm not married but have profound knowledge on the subject of devotion.

    Personally I believe that people enter marriage to have their partner permanently to seek solace from & come home to. Humans need a good dose of physical touch. With a spouse, one would is entitled to this privilege of touching without having to worry about losing their partner to another.

    The aforementioned paragraph reflects my thoughts of a person's mentality prior to entering marriage.

  • Not counting the years before we met, I hope to live our whole life with my wife.