We broke up. :( I can't believe it. But I'm not over him.

We broke up two days ago...over a text messaging conversation. No one except two for my friends know. and its really hard because its his birthday tomorrow and our one year is going to be here in a month. and no one else knows. none of my other best friends, no one else in school and everyone keeps asking me and him about each other and being lik oh its been eleven months that's amazing. and it hurts. A lot. Because I really liked him. And like him. but I'm upset...because he did it so suddenly. and he did it, apparently. because he wasn't feeling right about a relationship at this age... He says we're too young and we can't have a proper healthy relationship and he doesn't know if its right to have one at all religiously and morally, since we're Muslims. but the thing is... this all happened like a month after we decided absolutely NO physical contact. like absolutely. Before it was all footsie, and hugs and laughs, and after that, I did...still stay romantic, still gave him sticky notes and everything. he...stopped...no origami, no poems, nothing. it felt like we were just friends...EXCEPT that I still loved him, Now he says it was a mistake. the relationship...and that does not feel good. I mean he says he still wants to be my best friend. But I...I'm upset at him. He got me all up there, saying that oh we should get engaged and we'll do this and we'll do that and I was always the one saying to not make promises at this age and he just kept pushing me up the ladder. But I still love him...Still I'm upset. I don't want to talk to him. But he tries talking to me. and No one knows so it just hurts when they ask me about him. Should I tell people? But I mean...we were the one couple everyone thought would make it till the end. And now it's like...it's horrible. I feel like throwing up. So I want to know what to do. Should I tell everyone, be strong and be a friend of his? Or should I show him how I feel...and not talk to him and not tell anyone, because that's how I feel. And acting out the former will be really hard...I just, I mean imagine meeting his parents after this...and on his birthday, I WILL meet his parents. I still really like him. What should I do? HELP. Please. quickly.


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  • Sounds like , there was a turn off in the light switch. Here's the thing , 70% of any convo is body language , therefore equaling the physical part. the other 30% a mixture of what would make up the emotional part. He relized that without the physical part , it just feels like friendship and if you guys continue , it will only feel like a repeated cycle of cat and mouse.

    This is a problem all woman seem hard to understand actually. All woman are like well we don't need s physical relationship , in order to hold one. Well wrong! see a relationship is like chemistry. YOu add 70% physical 5% atitude , 10% personality and 15% devotion. You take out the major portion and its no longer the right make up. Some will argue over this but to be honest , when you meet somone for the first time and you don't talk to them right away , the first that attracts you is a physical attraction. I'm just using logic here. To help you in your situation best , try continueiing being friend with him and engage with a hug , and still continue to be there. Remind him aboout the attraction you guys had with each other, I'm sure he misses hanging out , holding your hand , hugging and all that stuff you used to have. Avg person holds there emotions for an Ex for at least a good while.


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