Rushing to the altar?

I'm a slow mover and thought my fiancee was the same. We agreed to a long engagement after a 1 year serious relationship and 2 non serious yrs. Now he is pushing hard to marry, which is odd to me after being lax for yrs. He recently got out of the military and I got out and went into the reserves, so I'm thinking military money is not his motive which was always a worry I had when dating military. But since we both are out id think that's something we surpassed a possibility of. I guess my main thought with men is that they generally don't like the idea of marriage and put up with it for the happiness and joy of their women. I may be wrong but most my guy friends agree that no man is EAGER to marry unless there are other motives behind. Most men are just happy to have an awesome woman and everything else is just gravy. any suggestions?


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  • Not every guy is like that. My fiance and I were together about 10 months when he proposed, and our engagement is only 10 months. It depends on a lot of factors: age, maturity, stability, timing, how well you know each other, etc.