Girls, what are the reasons for a man to get married?

I'm really losing my faith in the whole idea of marriage and I can't see any positives for the man. In fact, all I see are huge negatives and risks involved. I'm just wondering what the positives for him would be.


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  • I get the concern, I've often been worried about the consequences myself. I tend to commit rarely, which makes walking away when things go sour a lot easier. The idea of combining my home, money, assets and having children with a man who could abandon me, abuse me, or cheat on me is very scary.

    I can't speak for all women as I'm not them, and I know that some women take men for granted in a marriage (just as men do the same in reverse). All I can do is speak for myself and say that the benefits to marrying me are:
    You will know I am fully committed to you as I'm not a serial monogamist with wedding-fever
    You will have a level of security of having me by your side forever that you will not/shouldn't have if we're just dating (I will not stay forever if we're not married)
    I will have children with you
    I'll buy a house and share all my assets with you
    You will have a level of trust and respect from me that no other person has
    I will work harder at this relationship and fulfilling your needs than any other relationship
    If our marriage were to fail, I'm not the type to screw someone over in a divorce. My mom and dad went through a divorce (actually a disillusionment b/c there was no fighting) and I saw the right way to carry one out of it comes to that. I'd only expect fairness based on abuse/cheating/whether I was a stay-at-home mom, etc. I have my own money and assets coming into a marriage, I don't need to steal yours.

    • It's worth mentioning that I didn't include affection, sex, gifts, favors, or emotional support because these are all things that would be included in a serious relationship leading to marriage for me. I don't think withholding these things until marriage are fair, and are necessary for seeing if a marriage between two people is possible.

      It's more the level of dedication, trust, commitment and children that changes with a marriage. Basically if we never get married, a guy should know there will be a time limit on our relationship.

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  • I see marriage as a "settling down" thing rather than a "true love" thing. I don't think getting married is for everyone and it's not a rite of passage, it has no age limit and you can get married for various reasons. To me, I would get married to someone as an arrangement rather than because I just love them so much. If I was of a certain age and thought, okay I wanna be comfortable now, I want a home and I want kids, and a man/woman companion, then I would consider it. But I would take into account the tax benefits and stuff too, like if I stop loving this person am I willing to make it work? Would a lack of romance kill the marriage? If the answer is yes, don't marry.

  • for hugs
    for cuddles
    for sex
    for apple tarts
    for family
    for netflix [and chill]
    for lemon-sicles
    for chicken noodle soup
    for someone to bug them about colonoscopies
    for cute sweater vests

    i dunno.

  • Ideally, sharing your life with someone who cares about you. Having the legal right to make decisions for them in the event of serious injury. Sharing of insurance benefits.

  • research shows that married men are happier and healthier then men in relationships who aren't married.

  • Well, i'm not religious so I don't really mind if I ever get married: i'd like a committed long-term relationship, but I don't need it to be legally binding, and while I kinda dabble in witchcraft I don't think a loving relationship should be the kind of thing that needs a binding ritual to hold it together

    Getting married for me would just be about having a nice party with lots of family and friends, the romance of getting to declare our love, etc. Beyond that there's kind of depressing reasons like to make if one of us dies the other inherits, that we're allowed to be next of kin if one partner is taken into hospital, etc. :/ . To pay married people taxes.. (but I don't know a lot about that :s ). I know two girls who want to get married earlier than they first planned 'cause they want to get better student loans haha

    Overall though, I think having a long term relationship but with just no marriage ceremony is fine :) (though by like olde worlde standards that'd make you married anyway lol; 'cause verbal contracts just between the couple used to be counted as binding marriages, fun fact :') ) . Or not being in a relationship, whatever makes the individual person happier, in my opinion, it's all good :)