I love my boyfriend and he loves me but?

I need somebody's opinion on this. so I love my boyfriend and he loves me... but his family is tearing us apart. when I first my bf, he and I would always spend time together... but recently he changed. we spend less and less time. we barely spent any day during the winter break. His mom and brother are super attached to him (his brother just broke up with his girlfriend and he is needy and jealous...he even asked my boyfriend to spend the valentines day with him? ))) hello!))) don't they get it? uhhh... the thing is I love my boyfriend a lot... and I know its hard to find guys like him... he is sweet, sexy, and smart. he makes me so happy and it's really hard to let him go... please give me an advice?


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  • Well, you need to be honest with your boyfriend first in the most calm and cool way you can be. Let him know that you want more time for the both of you alone. The best relationships need excellent communication.

    If he can't provide that for you, then you really need to re-evaluate what you have with this guy. You have needs and you need to put yourself first or else no one will be happy. If he can't satisfy you and be there for you, I suggest you move on.


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  • Well I had an issue like this with my boyfriend at a time now were engaged and happy, our issue though was his parents. he lived in wales and I was in dublin ireland he could never visit very often because his parents had him convinced they needed him there to help out etc! but we sat down and talked about it and how I felt! he cut the apron string showed his parents he was serious about me by proposing a month later and moved to ireland to be with me all the time!

    so I definately think superasker is right in saying its important to sit down and talk to him!