Pick the fiance, or the new guy?

I am involved in a long engagement, but recently I met another man that I have begun to develop feelings for. We have hung out and even fooled around a few times, but I'm getting mixed signals from him. I know it's wrong to do this to my fiance, but I'm beginning to feel stronger feelings for this other man. What do I do-see how things go with this other guy, or try to improve things with my fiance?


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  • I would have to agree with the other two responses so far.

    This is completely unfair to him.

    You could be leaving a good, secure, stable relationship on a whim, for someone that may end up leaving you, or you may find out you have too many differences, and wish you could be back with your fiance.

    I mean, do what you feel is right, and what you need to do to be happy.

    But don't give into simple lust. It will backfire and you will regret it.

    All new relationships/new encounters have that new rush of excitement, attraction, and new emotions in the beginning. They always fade. as they will with this new guy.

    What matters is who will be there with you in the end.

    Don't leave a proven thing for uncertainty.


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  • Dump your fiance he deserves better...


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  • Yes break up with ur fiance, HE deserves better then you!