Girls, Does it matter who proposes to the other?

I am under this notion that the one who proposes loves and desires the other party more than the one who is being proposed to.
Is there any truth to this concept that I have?


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  • No. I think its just a case of that person is more of a decision maker with regards to the relationship goals.

  • I've always wanted to be the one who proposes.

    • Oohh~ Great!
      I wish to have my future wife propose to me instead of I to her. That way I'll know she wants me and I can for the rest of our married life express my love to her excessively on a quotidian basis.

      So why do u want to be the one who proposes? Usually girls are the ones who want to feel wanted. (:

    • Because I like being dominant. And I know that I love people more than they love me. So I'm used to it. Feeling wanted is nice, but giving love is better.

  • No. It doesn't matter

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