My wife is jealous?

my wife is jealous whenever I go out with my friends to a bar. I also go out for drinks and dinner with my best friend (an attractive female). we briefly had sex in college, and after drinking, I crash at her house for the night (sometimes even sleep in the same bed as her but with no sex).

my wife is telling me to stop hanging out with her, and I just don't give a fuck. she's my best friend and I see NO REASON to leave her.

my wife doesn't know that I sleep in the same bed as her occasionally


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  • Would you be ok with your wife crashing in some man's bed for the night while drunk?

    • And considering that you haven't even told your wife that you sleep in the same bed as that girl, then it's pretty obvious that you know it's wrong. If you have to hide it, it's wrong.

    • we are just friends!

    • So what? You're still sleeping in the same bed as another woman, while drunk. It's highly inappropriate.

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  • You probably should not have gotten married so young, I would have waited if I was you, of course your wife is going to be jealous of that, I'm sure you would be jealous too if your wife was doing the same, I can understand the girl is your best friend so I don't think I would have settled down at so young if I was you since you like to free like that, it just doesn't work out well in a marriage

    • I love my wife, but enjoy spending time with my best friend

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    • @Subme12 yeah I agree , that was the point I was making too, I hope the asker still gets your opinion since you put it in mine but he should. I guess you were read mine and wanted him to see your opinion

    • She meant for you to get that message but left it in mine

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  • you're right, you shouldn't leave her

  • I would be Pretty y upset if it was my husband. Especially if he didn't tell me something like that. That is not a healthy relationship in my opinion. Look I understand what your saying, but there are two things. One if you can't tell your wife something, then it's wrong. Two in a marriage you have to compromise. If she doesn't like it and you love her enough you will set boundaries and make your wife know that she can trust you. You shouldn't have to pick between your best friend and your wife but you've got to know where to draw the line or things are not going to end up well.

  • You sound like you don't care about your wife's feelings. You probably enjoy making her jealous too, what a prize of a husband you are...

  • I would protect my marriage ur best friend apparently trying to steal u from me I won't let b**chs win, so I'll leave the house and will come back when u stop
    "Don't leave a woman u need for a woman u want"

    • I would let u sleep if for once or two but not everytime

  • Have fun with the divorce then. You shouldn't be sleeping in the same bed as someone of the same gender, even if you don't have sex it's still messed up.


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  • I am going to be very honest here:

    Well, I would say you're wife is justified in every way, she is right to get jealous. In this case she is not feeling jealous, but rather by your actions you are doing something to make her jealous, you may not realize it, or for you it may be an ordinary thing but not to her.

    There is nothing wrong in having female friends after marriage but then you are not showing any consideration for your wife feelings. I mean being friends with her is fine but you should establish your limits of friendship but look at your actions you are hanging out with her regularly, you get drunk and then you go to her house at nights and even sleep with her!!. Come on , this is highly inappropriate and so your wife has a good reason to be jealous, why not?

    Being friends is okay but the getting drunk and sleeping with her on the bed how is this justified?

    I can see nothing wrong with your wife being jealous, if you don't care about it that's your choice. However once again I say your actions are highly inappropriate and your actions are making your wife jealous.


    If you been hanging out with her since you been together (or seems like before) I don't think you should stop now if she wasn't worried about it before. However I would be respectable and at least sleep on the couch or another bed.

    • I try to, but she always urges me to sleep with her

    • Doesn't mean you have to unless she has a gun to your head. But you should ask your wife why the sudden jealousy.

  • Hanging out with ones friends is one thing. Staying the night with another woman especially one you previously had sex with, well she should be upset.

    • but she is my best friend!

    • Would you be okay if your wife was spending the night with a guy she had previously bedded.

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