How is the marriage ceremony in your culture?

Some places, it is important if the man gives the woman a ring, in some others, the man must give the woman money and jewals, in some others, do not have to precise , any valiable thing could be the beginin of mariae ceremony, that's why in some countries its simple to get marry , and in some others it's hard to, so i want to know difrent culture.
also i need you to tele me in your opinion, how do you think the best ceremony should be?


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  • Lol culturally I'm from quite a few different places most unique is I am a gypsy but I'm not gonna do a gyspy wedding lol or anything.

    So I'll stick with standard way which most people do, get her parents blessing l, take her somewhere special, meaningful, kneel on one knee and ask the question. Then get married in a church hopefully mine lol.


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  • In my country it's different, complicated and sometimes even I don't understand certain things. its hard to explain.