Aren't relationships and marriages today a big joke?

Why do so many women only marry guys for their penis size or wallet size? Since when does personality play a role in this? I mean, many bad relationships all started just because of how much money they make in a month or how well the guys look or how big his penis is. Relationships are such a joke today. I mean, why is divorce seen as normal today? All because you fell out in love with the person? All out of your own individual selfishness rather than trying to work it out for the greater good? "Irreconcilable differences" my ass. You could've tried to solve those differences before marriage. I'd be willing to bet that marriage isn't worth sh*t, all you do today is sign pieces of paper, and ding! You're officially married on a goddamn piece of paper. Marriages and divorces happen so often that I've met people who have gone through more than 4 marriages and divorces and they see it as completely normal, when it isn't. If anyone has to go through at least a couple of divorces, then their mental stability is at question.

All relationships today are nothing more than a big joke. It's so hard to find a nice girl to settle down with. Most girls are nothing more than selfish arrogant bitches who drain money out of men's pockets with no regard for their man's feelings. I could also say that the majority of men are egotistical assholes who try to score as many women as they can (especially if they have PUA material).

Most, if not all people in this world are assholes and bitches. I have to admit, I am an asshole as well. And I see modern relationships and marriages as a huge mockery of the definition of love. All I see is that it's nothing more than thinly disguised selfishness.

On another note, I hardly find any girls (or even men) worthy of any kind of respect from me.


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  • I rate you 5 starts! I totally agree with everything you have said, I know a lot of people gonna

    Comment on ur question and say what a big idiot you are for saying that, but deep down

    They know its true, I’m an ass hole too, I met a guy who wants me so I could do papers for him’

    Since he doesn’t have a visa for anything, he’s not suppose to be in the USA! & I agreed to marry him

    Cuz he has a big c0ck and a full wallet! I like him and he say he loves me I believe him, but I think

    He just loves me for my looks and for sexx, and of course the fact that am a us citizen (so I start his papers)/ am not saying am happy for that, but that’s life! And everyone in the world is SELFASH

    Take care!


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