Planning a wedding while he's away?

My fiance and I both have BS degrees.

He propsed just before Christmas :)

He's going straight on to get his masters though so he'll be out of town during the school year and only around in the summer. Should we just put off planning the wedding until he has his masters and is around full time or should we only plan it all during the summer or should I plan it and just have him not really involved in the decisions?


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  • You need to discuss this with him. I work in the wedding industry and most grooms are happy to have the woman do the majority of the leg work, but, I don't think many wouldn't be happy with having zero say.

    So unless he explicitly says so there are some decisions that kind of have to be made by both of you, and honestly, your planning the day that marks the start of your life together, wouldn't you want him to be involved with it?

    If you're desperate to get going while he's not around, just start looking, but don't make any booking/decisions without his imput or until he's back and you can't start doing it fully together but with some ideas and starting points.

    • Ideally I would love for him to be completely involved in every single step but realistically, with his schedule, I know that's not possible. I'm thinking a lot of phone calls and Skype calls will be in our future haha

  • I think it could be over whelming for him to also be included in planning a wedding, it could be a lot to do without having him constantly available, I would wait

  • Ask him how involved he wants to be in the decisions and go from there. If your going to plan without him give him final veto power.

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