Is he planning on proposing? Or does he just want a baby?

My boyfriend has a hard time trusting anyone, and we recently got into a minor argument because a guy I work with was texting me. It took him a couple days to forgive me, but when we talked about it he told me that he has been thinking about having a baby with me and that he's never wanted a baby by any other woman before. He never knew how to actually bring up the topic of a baby to me, but now that he knew a guy was texting me, he's changed his mind. but I agree with him. I would love to have a baby by him. BUT I want to get married first, or at least get settled into our own house before we make any final commitments like that. However, I did not tell him this, and was totally speechless when he mentioned having a baby with me. He always makes cracks about marriage, like he's never getting married, or if he does he would make the woman sign a prenupt., but I never actually know if he's serious? He told me that its going to take a long time for me to gain his trust again, even though I was not talking to this guy I work with like that. My question is, is why would he want to bring up having a baby by me, but not bringing up the idea of marriage? Is he planning on proposing, or does he just want the baby?


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  • I think if he wanted marriage at this moment he would have mentioned that first and THEN the baby...

    Talk with him, get things cleared up, tell him how you feel about the whole idea of getting married first and baby later.

    Good communication is best. Be sure to be %100 clear as to what you both want in life.

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