I want to get married to an American or European girl?

do you think it's possible to have a chance especially I'm not that handsome nor rich
and I'm living in Egypt can't get a visa to visit the us or Europe when i think about it i feel so helpless

I'm 23 old and still can't accept the culture of my society especially that I'm not religious and most of time i hate religions and i have a very different interests than most of people i like drawing, reading, movies can't even play football :\

so guys what's your opinion how could you advise me
i need real opinions even if its frustrating
i want to get married to an American or European girl ?


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  • Well I guess first is to move to The USA or One of those European countries and go from there. It would be funny though if you ended up moving away to only find a Egyptian girl who had the same thoughts as you do. I say just take each day one at a time.

    -OH and what about other countries. How about Aulstralia or New zealand? Just saying.


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  • There are plenty of arabs in Europe and America you can date who feel the same way you do.

  • Marrige isn't a thing that depends on looks man. Nobodg will say 'Oh he looks nice' and marry ya.

  • American and European girls don't like Arab guys though. And you're Arab so just look for a girl in Egypt. I'm sure you can find a girl just like you there.

    • Egyptians aren't Arabs we're just conquered by Islam i don't even like Arabs :\

    • It doesn't matter. They don't like Arabs period. And just because you don't like Arabs doesn't mean European or American girls would like you. They'll just think you're a self hating fool anyways.