Guys, Would you ask your girlfriend to marry you if you couldn't afford a ring?

We've discussed marriage several times and live together (over a year now) and we both belleve in a long engagement. Please elaborate if you chose a yes/no other reason.

  • No, I'd wait till I could afford the proper ring she deserves
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  • Yes, I'd give her a cheap ring that I'd replace later to let her know how serious I am
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  • No, other
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  • Yes, other
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  • yes i would and i did give her a cheep ring and when we could afford it i had a custom ring made for her. we have been married over 20 years. i feel you dont have to spend 100,000 $ on a ring and wedding to show you love each other. here is a ruff brake down for the wife and i.
    ring 100.00
    lic. 20.00
    justice of the piece ( judge) 20.00
    cloths free we ware what we had
    small gathering after marrage 200.00
    were didn't have much money but it didn't matter we had each other and thats what mattered to us


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  • The ring is not important, save the money and buy decent wedding rings as you should need them forever.

  • If she wants to marry she's going to have to be the one to propose.