About how long would you (personally) have to date someone before you propose or accept their proposal?

  • Less than 6 Months
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  • At least half a year
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  • At least a year
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  • Around a year and a half
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  • About 2 years
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  • First We'd have to date 3 years +
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  • I never want to marry
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Most Helpful Guy

  • we agreed we'd live together for a year... be engaged for a year... then be married for a year before kids.

    That was 19yrs ago.

    • Sounded like a good plan

Most Helpful Girl

  • I said about 2 years because that's how long I've been with my boyfriend and I know now I'd say yes if he asked today


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What Guys Said 1

  • There is no way to learn anything about how your marriage will end up after 8 months- a year of dating. After that period, you keep your relationship but don't really learn anything about your possible marriage's survival chance. So, for me, even just less than 6 months is enough. It's always a gamble when it comes to marriage, just accepting to roll the dice is not a bad option in my opinion.

    • No way to learn anything?

      Like, you mean that literally? After 8-12 months, you're no more informed than if you'd just picked the girl up off the street?

    • That's not what i've said. After 2-3 years, you don't know significantly more than what you knew after 8 months-1 year of dating.

What Girls Said 7

  • I want to know what he's like 365 days out of the year before I even consider agreeing to spend my life with him.

    Like... what if we meet in March, start dating in April, and he proposes in August and I say yes? What if he's a complete psycho during the winter? What if snow makes him flip his lid?

    What if he gets extremely depressed at Christmas? Like... no. I want to know what I'm doing lol

  • I would say at least two years. I've been with my guy for four years now but we're still really young so obviously neither of us are really ready for that yet, but yeah, I'd want to be with someone for two years before that step.

  • Like 3+ years, I would like to take my time and make sure it's who I want to be with for a long time before just saying yes.

  • I knew immediately. The rest was formalities.

  • It depends on when we met.
    I met my boyfriend at 22 so I would say at least 4 or five years. I'm in no rush to get married.

  • I don't date, so less than six months

  • I'm in a rush to get married honestly so I hope to be less than 2 month , cuz my dad can't wait to see me bride

    • Aww is he passing?

    • No but He is afraid of that , he keep saying he want me married and he saved money for my wedding night. that's worrying me