Would it be alright to wear a ring on your left ring finger read description?

I'm in a situation with a guy where everything is leading to a future and being married. But the age thing is in the way right now. We don't necessarily date but he's more like a boyfriend than ever. He's hinted at marriage and stuff in the future, his mom has said stuff to me about stuff too, and so I have willingly committed myself fully to him and him only, while he's at college studying, cause that's what his mom wants him to do before we go into a relationship and she also wants me to be out of HS too. So since I have committed already, would it be okay to wear a ring on my left ring finger while he's at college so other guys know I'm "taken"?

my mom is okay with it. And my friends most of them has said I should go for it? Just looking for outside opinions


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  • I don't think guys will check your finger when they like how you look.

    It's a nice idea and go for it but don't bet that you will not attract other guys. Maybe if you were in your 20s and guys were a little more sophisticated...

    Okay, young love is nice but I view that when two people plan the rest of their lives together is really committed. If both of you have talked about what you would be doing in the next 5-10-20 years. How much to save. What job to take. How much you will be making. Can you afford a home/car/rent together. Will you have those join accounts and budgets together. Will you have kids? When will you have them? Do you stay home to raise the kids or have your family chip in a help. It's the little things that people who spend their lives together that will really matter.


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  • You should look into promise rings if that's what you want.

    • I got the one on the right for this


      I have it on now. Kind of looks like a wedding set which is fine the center comes out and is a tiny little ring.

      The ring on the left is one I wear on my right hand. Just for accessories

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    • Do you have both of those rings? Why don’t you jist wear the one on the left on you left hand?

    • Yes I have them both! Okay, I am wearing that one now I think it's better than the one that looks like a wedding set as my mom called it. Hahaha

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  • I don't think you should put yourself off the market so soon. And a guy might have a heart attack if he sees that you are assuming that you're ALREADY engaged without a proposal, and that you've already DECIDED that you'll marry each other, and have COMMITTED yourself to him without him being aware of it all. Just remember that guys want what they don't think they have. Don't settle and commit too soon. Of course your girlfriends think that'd ok because they don't know better, they're more delusional than you are hon. His mom, and your mom? Are you kidding me :/ of course they want to believe he's ready to marry you. But listen. You doing this isn't going to make him love you more or more eager to marry you, it actually will slow him down because he'll already think he "had" you. Let him do the work necessary to commit to him fully before you decide or yourself that you're fully committed o him. Like saving up or a ring, being here for you, not out of town God knows what he's doing, and wait until he actually propose to you and then, MARRIES you beforE you fully commit yourself to him. Did you notice the last requirement? MARRIAGE. do you realize now how many necessary steps you decided to skip over?
    If you commit fully without him marrying you, then you'll set yourself up for major disappointment.

    Don't get ahead of yourself. Enjoy the boyfriend. But more importantly, enjoy your youth and your life. Don't assume things and make decisions for him. Enjoy the hints he's giving, but don't assume they are promises, because they are not. Ring with diamond on left finger is for engagements, Ring that is a band means marriage and full commitment. (Sometimes you'll see both those rings on one finger ;))