What are the rules for people in "open marriages"?

How can you be married but have sex with someone else, why be married than? What are the rules of open marriages? A woman in an open marriage, will she have sex with another guy she's not married to? If that's true, how would I find a woman willing to do this with me? Not gonna lie the thrill of that turns me on.



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  • Each to their own, but... I'd never consider an open marriage or relationship. If I was married, I wouldn't want another man to touch. My heart and body would be for my husband and no one else.

    I find it difficult to separate love and sex... I guess some people can 😊


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  • Well, those who do it can hide behind a lot of justifications and rationale but really, I just see it as a failure to commit. If you want to sleep with a bunch of different people, don't get married. And if you do get married, at least have the decency and discipline to respect the vow you took.


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  • Some people just see commitment differently. They get married because they love each other, but they also choose to indulge in, rather than deny, the natural attractions and urges that they have towards other people. It's not something I would ever do, but as long as all parties involved are aware and okay with it, I don't see a problem. If you're interested in finding a woman who's interested, I'm sure a quick Google search will pull up some dating sites for open relationships.


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  • "Open marriages"? Are they for real?, I don't think so.

    • They are real and exist

    • @Asker.

      I didn't know that at all, I have heard of open relationships but open marriages, this is the first time I am hearing that term, but since you say it, then I guess it must be true. I mean the beauty of the term marriage, the actual meaning of the term marriage is spoiled by the word " OPEN" put before it. What is the point of getting married if the other person is going to openly have relationships, sex with others and plus you can't confront them because it's an "open marriage".

      Hence I would say open marriage is an open licence to cheat, have sex or do anything to fulfill their desires (sexual or anything) despite being married to one person.

      It's better to not to get married and keep doing what you want, that's a better alternative.

    • It's where the husband and wife agree upon rules in seeing another person, even another for sex if they agree. It varies and yes many will see it as cheating/being unfaithful but if it's your marriage who is anyone to say what's right to do with your life?

  • Join a swingers group