His family hates me?

Some background ::

I'm not sure why. but his family does not seem to enjoy me. We come from two completely different backgrounds. I was raised in the south and he is from Queens. Every time I go to his house his family is rude to me.maybe I am just used to southern comfort. Also, we recently split after a 6 year relationship..(you can refer to my other question for more info on that) My boyfriend was trying to get his savings bonds to pay for my engagement ring.his mother would not give them to him.after we broke up she gave him all of the savings bonds and told him to buy a new t.v. and things that were not necessary.I really want to be closer to his family but every time I go over to his house they are not welcoming. We are trying to work things out and take it slow as we mend our relationship. but his family isn't in agreement with getting back with me. he says that their opinions don't matter, but I feel like it does.

Is there anything I can do to show him I enjoy his family or make his family enjoy me more


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  • No.

    That is the answer by the way. "No". You cannot make people like you, esp. if you're not wronging them in the first place.


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