If you love someone you never desire anyone else?

  • If you love someone truly you will never lust others
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  • You may love truly someone but still lust others and eventually cheat or force yourself not to cheat
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  • You may love someone truly also lust others more than your beloved one
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  • If you love someone truly you may find others physically pleasing but you won't lust then
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  • I don't know. But after one girl I almost married when I was 17, I've never loved another woman. But I have wanted to have sex with a lot.

    People don't understand what love is. Females use this sort of reasoning, because it's the kind of reasoning they have--for awhile, at least, until the oxytocin stops flowing. Speaking generally.

    To most women. Sex is love. You cannot separate the two. If you have sex with someone, it is because you love them. That is the reason for sex. It is an extension of love. Note: generally, again, if I must.

    To males, it is a way to express love. But, more than that, it is a physical drive. It's basically like feeling like you have to pee. It is a physical compulsion that has to be resisted.

    So, a woman will think if a man wants to have sex with another woman "Omg, you love her!" They don't directly think that, but they directly think "If he's attracted to other women, then he must not love me!" That is a common thought among females. It is not absolute, but it is common.

    No matter how hard it is for you to understand. Men can love one woman while wanting to fuck millions of others. That is exactly why they try to not fuck others. Because they love you.

    The difference lies in our reproductive methods. Eggs are rare. Females only have one egg in a 9 month period. That means they must choose their mates wisely, lest they lost 9 months of potential reproductive time with a better mate. Men have an infinite supply of reproductive material. They are being at their most biologically efficient when they're having sex with as many females as possible.

    Yes. We have ways to prevent pregnancy. Our 20,000 year old instincts aren't aware of this.

    To balance the idea of "omg males are pigs", we'll also add in that a man would date an attractive woman who was in poverty. A typical woman would scorn at the idea of dating below her class and value. We're all animals. Let's not get stuck in the "Males are pigs!" or "Women are gold diggers!" K?

    As I said. I'm speaking generally. There are exceptions, a lot, because humans are capable of thought and belief and social indoctrination.

    I'm saying your reasoning here is exactly the same kind of reasoning as those horny males who message you and ask you if you want to suck their cock or show them your tits. They mistake your nature. You mistake ours.

    In the end, a man who loves a woman resists those temptations, *because* he loves you. You ask me, that's a sacrifice which shows he cares.

    • Thats a very wise answer. Feminists say women and men are the same sexual beings, they are equally sexual,

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    • @Wizbit Maybe self-fulfilling prophecy, wanting me to say the same thing as every other guy so you can go on a Crusade against males. Maybe, just maybe, you're attacking this idea and blowing it out of proportion and inferring things I haven't said because of that. Or maybe you're attacking some guy who fucked you over by attacking me.

      You're mistaking culture with instinct. We are the same humans that existed 20,000 years ago. Just with different knowledge and traditions and culture. We are animals. Primates. And I find your definition for "evolved" questionable.

      You want to talk about bullshit, then you're quite full of it, as I can smell. You're putting words in my mouth and trying to make me become an enemy for your Crusade. Basically a witch hunt.

      I'll state my opinion clearly, so you can't take it out of context or put words in my mouth. [...]

    • My opinion: All humans want to fuck other humans. Plural. Neither of us, man or woman, will be satisfied with only one. Some might manage to stick it out in a purely monogamous relationship, but it will be a battle for the rest of their lives. Anyone who has parents should be able to see that in them. The vast majority.

      Yes. Men have the instinctive desire to "spread the seed". Yes. They want to fuck billions of women. Did I just defend cheating? Um. No. The difference is that I won't lie and try to pretend to be something I'm not. So would I like to cheat on someone? No. Cheating is a betrayal of the implicit trust and social contract of "only me". I'm polyamorous. I do not have the same contract, so I cannot break it. And I will never have the same contract, and every woman will know that about me. That's my answer.

      And women are pretty much the same, on average. Just sneakier. They don't actively say it, maybe 'cause they don't realize it. But they want genetic diversity too.

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm at a crossroads atm where I have met this extremely good and great guy and I'm having to fight this temptation with him. I'm not going to lie its so hard!!! As much as I love my husband I'm finding it so hard to stay focused and I'm just so curious to see what sex will be with this other guy. Grrr.. One of life's many challenges.. Lust!!

    • I can't understand you. I think you love that person not your husband

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    • Like I said its complicated. He didn't tell me he was married until after I fell for him. Well technically I found out about it and confronted him.. I haven't acted on it but yes I do care about him a lot.

    • Will you try to convince him to sleep with you?

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What Guys Said 7

  • lets see, there have been a lot of people claiming they are in love, and they still desired to fuck another person, or leave the person they love for another person.

  • I dont think its always about loving others, but yeah about being loved too. Cause if you actually feel loved, you really have no reason other than possible own selfish reasons or reasonings which can mean you dont really love them. If the love is mutual and true anyway, you probably wouldn't lust for anyone. Everyone wants to be happy deep down, which is why simply just loving someone else isn't always enough.

  • 100% correct, I agree.

  • I voted D.

    Yes temptation still exist. But loving your spouse truly will help you overcome and eradicate any desire of cheating.

  • Even with my girlfriend, I could look at other girls and she "she's pretty" or "I'd fuck her," but I never mentally undress her or express any desire to fuck her. When I say that, I say it under the assumption that we're not together

    I don't even pop boners when I see another girl other than my girlfriend, unless I'm watching porn

  • Vote E - Even when I love someone I am still human and will still find other people attractive and I will try my best not to cheat.

  • I think D is most accurate


What Girls Said 2

  • Yes, that's how I choose it to be. There is nothing wrong with seeing an attractive guy and thinking he's attractive. That's where I draw the line, if I think and fantasize about someone who's not my husband that's where I feel it becomes wrong for me. Every person has to decide where the line is for their self.

  • That's how it should be.