Are there any guys who knew they wanted to marry their wives/girlfriends after dating for only three -six months of dating?

My boyfriend started asking me what kind of rings I like and the type of style I want and how many karats I want. Could he know already? I know every guy and relationship is different


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  • I thought I knew and it's not necessarily "wise", but passionate love and wisdom don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.

    The feelings can definitely be super strong at this kind of point and genuine. For the older people who like to recite that this form of love is just passion, not true love, I think they actually have it wrong or forgot something of their youth. The guy might even fight a bear for you. Love is devotion.

    The huge lottery-style gamble here is counting on that feeling, in its precise form, to last forever. That's generally not going to happen after mortgages, kids -- suddenly spending time with that love of your life is starting to become routine, mundane, and that leggy secretary is giving him dark thoughts.

    So one of the things that's definitely foolish about rushing to get married as a result of true love is not necessarily that it isn't "true love", but simply that if it is, marriage can wait. That's taking a shortcut and skipping all the endurance tests. It doesn't help anything, and might even make what would otherwise be a long-lasting relationship worse.

    Therefore, I generally think it's foolish, but don't doubt the feeling whatsoever. A young man can be completely infatuated with a girl to the point where he'll build his entire life dream around her. It's probably completely foolish and headstrong, but it's a feeling that older people like myself can only envy.

    • this was interesting, why dont you feel as infatuated anymore to thepoint that you envy others?

    • @juststrollin It's a youthful thing to me. There's all kinds of dynamics involved that changed from being so athletic and strong when younger which gives you so much vigor and energy combined with that kind of innocence of not having known many women. it's easier to think you can climb Mt. Everest for the love of your life when you're actually young and reckless and fit enough to actually think you can survive the ordeal. It's easier to be governed by the heart at a younger age, to jump into a burning building to rescue someone with no regard for safety procedure, so headstrong. Getting older made my heart cease to have such a strong feeling anymore about anything or anyone. I learned to love more with the brain than the heart, to think about the practical side of things. Love in its purest and wildest form is highly impractical, it's outright dangerous. I simply don't have drive anymore. I think strategically, the heart doesn't speak for me.

    • @juststrollin Can even see the change in perception of how older people view a tragic story love story like Romeo and Juliet. To a young person, it might seem like an ultimate story of true love. To an old person, it looks like a couple of idiot teenagers. Those kinds of passions of the heart, and perhaps even somewhat of lust, fade over the years. It gets replaced by practicality, level-headedness of a kind that doesn't allow this kind of head over heels feeling about someone anymore. It's still possible to be in love, just the nature will be a lot different, a lot more practical, a lot less reckless. The fire won't burn as bright, etc. etc.

  • marriage is far these days, people like to have boyfriend and girlfriend and want to go on like forever, coz marriage bounds them , if he thinking to marry u even just after six months, i think u r lucky., if a guy want to marry quickly and have a family, i think its excellent. the proof of he is genuine.
    but u make sure frm ur side, he is the guy u would like to spend a life with , do the proper homework

  • Yes.

    That said, there's something to be said for waiting a year or two till honeymoon phase is over.


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