So if u marry someone then u loose feeling for him or her what would u do not both loose only one person?

If u loose feeling for someone after marriage then what would u do?


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  • I stay with him because it's normal for some I guess if not all to not feel the love as they used to due to work, stress, etc.

    But couple must remember that without love, there is still trust and loyalty.

    So, they , or if it were me, I would put in more effort and focus on my marriage.


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  • Well in the old days I believe people stuck at marriage because they took their vows more seriously. To vow to someone that you will love them until death do you part, is not an easy thing to follow through on and requires great sacrifice, most people these days just want things to be easy and fun. But like anything in life marriage isn't easy and people go through rough patches but I think if they tried instead of running away maybe their love could grow deeper over time

  • Go on holiday togethe, do exiting thins and have fun


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  • People lose feelings for each other for various reasons
    1. Familiarity (Familiarity breeds contempt was coined by someone who knew that well)
    2. Changes in physical structure
    3. Changes in behavior (evolution)
    4. Too much insecurity and related suffocation, disparagement etc (this is the ONLY thing that will put me off whether married or not)
    etc :)

    • So it's complicated on your profile

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    • Eastern advice I learn it from here I only watch movies but when I see thing like this happening in there country and country people which make me angry and upset and frustrated about things when I think. So that make me feel bad for them. I am not into there society so I would like to walk with ma society and ma country people. Or like ma mom n dad. Western have scattered families like divorce make them seprate or there are many thing as u know so much about it because I have seen u a lot of time. I make friend and ask somthing about there country. So be with your family try to be with her and u have a beautiful daughter so walk along with your family that make a family

    • I'd say leave things be. Nature has provided everyone with their own survival and defense mechanisms. Live your life the way you deem fit and let others live the way they do :)

      Nature is all about adapting and thus evolving :)

  • Well, I am never getting married in the first place so there is no question of losing my feelings.