What do you think your possible / marriage will be like in the future? Happy? Content? Contentious? Kids? Typical family? Any difficulties?

If you don't believe in marriage or don't wish to get married, why?

What do you think the general trait of your marriage will be? Not what you want it to be, though feel free to add that, too; but, what you think it will turn out to be in reality.

If you're already married, how has your marriage been so far?


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  • I don't know.
    I would be able to guess if I knew who I am going to marry.

    If I marry within my race, then it will be alright I guess, I don't know. I will be happy if God wills.
    It won't be typical family. :) I feel.

    If it's different race but same culture/up bringing, then I will be content but there will be a lot more struggles with the inlaws as I have heard.

    If it is somewhat similar in culture then I will be content but it will or might take longer to feel accepted/accustomed to the new life.

    If it is someone from here, completely different culture but same goals in life, then I will be alright but not fully happy at first. Unless the guy is familiar with my culture.


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  • I strongly believe I am not a marriage material!. I have my logical reasons for never wanting to get married, I don't believe in marriage also and I want to be single till death.!


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  • I don't know about this one, I'm mostly worried and concerned about chatting up girls see who would be a good date, marriage is way far from today for me, but I think about it all the time