What is the definition of marriage?

  • Marriage License
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  • Getting a Wedding
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  • Co-Habiting
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  • Marriage License and Getting a Wedding
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  • Marriage License and Co-Habiting
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  • Co-habiting and Getting a Wedding
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  • Marriage License, Getting a Wedding, and Co-Habiting
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I would rather get a wedding and cohabit than get a marriage license.


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  • For the government it is a license and usually cohabiting. For Christians it is usually license, cohabiting, and a wedding most of the time. Personally I do not think a piece of paper is needed to validate the love two people have for each other. Getting equal marriage rights for all is still being fought over, but I believe that if two people love each other and desire to have any of the above they should be allowed to have similar rights.


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  • Staying committed, and living together with marriage license forever.

  • Who knows man

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