so I am a soldier overseas. I was in a relationship for over two years with this back stabber. the relationship was up and down. but she told me that with the space and time apart we would work on the next step. now I'll say this she is insecure has two kids from two men. I have no kids and no baggage. are communication wasn't there, she never wanted to really talk about our future. she wanted to get engaged but I was hesitent because the trust wasn't there. so I was making strides to engagement and planned on taking the next step. I would call from overseas, she was never really talkative. I would message her but her conversation was short. in november things were good but by x-mas it was not that great but she accepted gifts for her and her kids. fastforwad to feb I find out she has another man and the have each others name tattooed one one another. now I wanted to either break it off or take the next step before my heart got broken. she led me on and said that if she wanted to leave me she would do it while I was home. I have known her for 10 years and every few years we go apart and come together. why am I going crazy when I can do so much better than her. I believed her and took her word in a wreck. plus I thint they had a thing before and during me. why woud she do me so dirty.


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  • Because, and I'm not trying to hurt your feelings here, she probably wasn't that good of a woman going into the relationship in the first place.

    There is no such thing as Karma. Kids suffer from starvation in third world countries and they didn't do anything to anyone. Rich evil men continue to live in luxury and die very happy and loved. I refuse to believe in karma.

    You don't need to propose to someone like that, you just don't. I would rather be alone than with someone that will never love me and real love isn't something you have to share someone for.

    Find someone you can really love, and is really deserving of your love. Don't let women like her take advantage of you. You sound like a good guy with a head on his shoulders. Don't start life out like this.


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  • darling definately don't propose to a woman who is cheating and has the other mans name tattooed... you can oobviously do better! I know its hard but stay strong! the right women will come along on time!


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