What do you consider as a big wedding?

How many people are invited? For me its >1000 people is considered as a big wedding

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  • 500-700
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Most Helpful Guy

  • For the average person over 300 is consider big

    Greater than 1000 unless your a star in your life I doubt there's a close link to all of them

    • The smallest wedding we had in the family was attended by 700 people

    • Dpeneds from what part of the world but normally weddings can be quite expensive. Even just having 300 people at a nice place with good food can run up to 50000 easily

      So of course you can always Invite as many people as you want but it will also cost a lot more. So the majority will just choose the most important people.

      700 sounds fun though lol

Most Helpful Girl

  • Well my wedding was 200 people and $35,000 I wish I had invited less and spent less.

    • You only spent 35k for your wedding?

    • Only? I could have put a down payment on a house for that. We have lots of family and friends but I don't think that many people needed to be there. I would never spend that much on a wedding if I had a re do. It was beautiful and an amazing day but it's only one day and I don't think you could possibly be that close to over 300 people. People that do that just want to show off and that's not how I am. Luckily my venue was free and my photographer so I saved tons of money but still.

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  • A grand? I'd need to slip the bride a $100 to get me closer to the stage when the band comes out to play as I'm assuming there won't be a DJ since you'll need a PA system to address everyone I suppose.

  • for me anything over 50 is a big wedding. and would get to expensive.

  • Big fat and Greek 😂 Get it?

  • All that money for a party that lasts six hours


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