I want an arranged marriage. What do you guys think?

Infatuation is overrated.

I want a girl I can trust and can commit to.

I don't care if my parents screen out the candidates.

Love is about commitment.

Relationships based on emotions are empty once those emotions disappear over time.

What can I do? I must be born in the wrong time period...

i learned in my sociology class that a study done on couples happiness through a ten year plan showed that couples that were married their own choice, their happiness was at a high in the beginning but after ten years it went down by half. Couples that were married by arrange marriages, started off at half and was at its peak after ten years.


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  • mmm typical setting in South Asian countries.

    My parents same and they wanted to find one for me and me finding one for myself is found to be a sin :) lolz it may sound so odd to the people in west but this is case.

    I wish I'd find the girl I wanted always than going for the girl choosed by my parents.

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