She loves me or playing arnd with my feeling?

I met this girl @ my working place and within couple of days she has become a very good friend of mine. She added me in FaceBook and then she started to chat with me everyday via Facebook.

But @ office we rarely speak. One day she started to buzz me via office communicator and she asked me why I’m not talking with her much while @ office and then we became so close friends. Almost every night we chat online beside the fact that we’ve chat @ office too.

Sometimes after office we go home together and one day she invited me for a movie too. But later she says, going for movie is just an idea the next moment she says next week end I don’t have any work.. what is she upto?

Now I’m getting addicted to her. Feeling something towards her, but I don’t knw whether she looks at it this way. I gave her the instict that I'm interested in her.

She sometimes calls me dear darling but then all of a sudden she calls me brother. Is she so confused or me confused? or I'm getting it wrong?

We both are so alike and I’m sure we can make good couple but I don’t knw.. what do you think I should do? Should I forget her and move on? She is playing with my feelings?

I just don't wanna end this friendship by proposing my love to her. That's why I'm thinking twice.


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  • The truth is what would put you in the friend zone is waiting to long. If she has/had the feelings for you than she was waiting you to act, now she trying to protect herself because she isn't sure how you feel about her. It sounds like you still have a little time though, but it can't be subtle, sweep her off her feet. she sounds like she still sort of likes you but that could be dying, if she doesn't feel the same way life will go on. And don't feel bad about losing her as a friend or your job, because you and I both know that dating her and having a relationship would be mcuh better than the outcomes of either of those


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