Whats the rush on commitment?

People are getting married after high school..

I know at least 7 teens 19 and under who are pregnant, and or engaged..

I feel like the perfect age to committ with someone is 30.
No later
No earlier..

I want to have all my teens and 20s free of commitment.. And By time you reach 30 You should know what you really want.

I don't mind the boyfriend / girlfriend commitment I mean like.. Getting maried I think it's really pointless getting married before you're allowed to drink..


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  • Maybe they want someone to permanently live with. Things R so expensive now. Now that babies R cheap, but I don't think those couples R really thinking of the future.


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  • What really? after high school, that's too early, they would not even be mature to know what they want.


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  • Nowdays Getting married at 18-20 is like a show off. It's Just the modern way lol. marriage concept is being valued at earlier age again. On my time it was like Noway.

    • Is how i feel.
      but i think i feel this way because im scared of marriage and im scared of having my own kid until i can actually.. take care of it... and i think a good age is 30

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